Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette

It can certainly be said that Patricia Arquette hails from a show business family. Of the actor's four siblings, three of them-David, Rosanna, and Alexis Arquette-were actors as well. Arquette was born in Chicago, Illinois to Brenda and Lewis Arquette, the latter of whom was also an actor. The family moved from Chicago to a commune in Virginia for a period of time before returning to Chicago and then eventually, settling in Los Angeles. Arquette took an interest in acting at a young age, though she entertained interests in becoming a midwife or even a nun. Her home life could be extremely unstable and often violent, and so at age 14, Arquette ran away and began living with her older sister Rosanna, who was already a working actor. Arquette made her screen debut in "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" (1987). Parts followed in projects like the Sam Shepard ensemble film "Far North" (1988) and the gritty drama "The Indian Runner" (1991) before she landed the role of Alabama in "True Romance" (1993), a quirky crime drama written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott. The movie became a sleeper sensation and Arquette became an in-demand actor, quickly moving on to star in the adventure drama "Beyond Rangoon" (1995) in 1995, the same year she married fellow actor Nicolas Cage-though it was revealed later that the couple separated after less than a year before eventually divorcing in 2000. Arquette continued to appear in prestige projects such as David Lynch's "Lost Highway" (1997) and Martin Scorsese's "Bringing Out the Dead" (1999). Then in 2005, Arquette began starring on the hit TV series "Medium" (NBC, 2005-2011) beginning a new phase in her fame. She married actor Thomas Jane the following year, and though their marriage ended the same year that "Medium" wrapped in 2011, Arquette was soon impressing audiences once again as she joined the cast of the acclaimed period crime series "Boardwalk Empire" (HBO, 2010-2014) in 2013. The next year saw the release of a project Arquette had been working on for several years, the real-time coming-of-age film "Boyhood" (2014), which earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She moved on to star on "CSI: Cyber" (CBS, 2015-2016) before earning tremendous acclaim portraying disturbed mother Dee Dee Blanchard in the limited series "The Act" (Hulu, 2019-2019), based on the true story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.