Puffins Impossible: Action Pack 12
Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the loveable characters from Puffins Impossible. The Action Pack 12 includes 3 amazing episodes: Berry Cold, The Best Puffin and Close Encounter of the Puffin Kind. Berry Cold: When an unbearable heatwave hits his lair, Otto is trying to find a way to cool down. Meanwhile, our puffins are enjoying their latest creation - blueberry popsicles! Trouble breaks out when Otto sees the true power of an icy treat - brain freeze! The best Puffin: In order to divide the Puffins, Otto plants an enchanted trophy in the clubhouse that makes the Puffins turn on each other. They have to snap out of it and work together to get that trophy out of their home! Close Encounter of the Puffin Kind: In a strange twist of events, a spaceship full of Alien Puffins lands in Taigasville! Everyone is scared at first, but all they want is to jam out with JP!
Starring Johnny Depp
Director Boriša Simović, Miloš Biković