Boyette: Not a Girl Yet
Inspired by his dead mother's dream appearances, Boyette yearns to dance and travel the world. However, he finds it hard to fulfill them because of his weak lungs and overprotective father, Mang Boy. Boyette enters college and meets two people who will change his life. Charles, his dense but well-meaning childhood crush, and Nancy, his perky and gullible seatmate, both invite Boyette to join their dance group in hopes of winning the prestigious Manila Inter-U Dance competition. Determined to keep up an act just so he can fulfill his dream, Boyette channels Boyet, a straight persona of himself, much to the chagrin of his best friends Pia, Catriona, and Kylie. Chaos ensues when Nancy starts falling for Boyet. Boyette then begins to like Charles who is head over heels for Nancy. In this mind-boggling triangle, the three struggle to find the right steps that will lead them to the right dance. As Mang Boy learns of Boyette's secret dancing—squealed by his vindictive brother Brett—Boyette finds that he has only one last dance, and it may go straight to his grave!
Starring Zaijian Jaranilla, Joey Marquez, Dominic Ochoa
Director Jonathan Albano