Buddha's Palm
In the arsenal of classic martial arts secret weapons, there is none more lethal than the Buddha’s Palm, a technique by which an ordinary hand is transformed into a formidable force. Ku, a blind recluse living in a cave, knows its secret, which proves to be as much a blessing as a curse as it attracts all manner of mayhem, from giant birds to magic pearls, miraculous orchids, and a wide array of good and evil knights. Thus is the enchanted world of Buddha’s Palm, a top Shaw Brothers action hit of 1982, and a movie that stands at the cutting edge between the modern and post modern eras of Hong Kong martial arts cinema. Derek Yee excels in the role of a scarred swordsman who learns the secret of the Buddha’s Palm, with Alex Man Chi-leung as his blind mentor. Hui Ying-hung, first winner of the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actress, and Yu An-an are on hand to demonstrate just what a woman’s touch can accomplish.
Starring Tung-Shing Yee, Alex Man, Kara Wai
Director Taylor Wong