OMG! Oh My Girl
“When you fall head over heels in love with someone so hard and need to confess your feelings to them…it’s so damn awkward.” This is what Guy had always believed in before he met June, the girl who makes him want to eat his words and reveal all his feelings to her. However, his best friend beats him to it! Anyway, life doesn’t end there. Guy can wait. While Guy is single, June is seeing someone. When June ends her relationship, Guy already happens to be dating someone else. When Guy breaks up with his girl, June is in a relationship…again. Over the years they both lose touch with each other. Guy thinks he has already gotten over June and moves on. But after he runs into June again, Guy realizes he has been moving on in a circle all along. To add more salt to the wound, June is currently with Pete, a super nice guy. It’s like fate keeps playing tricks on them, never giving them a break to be together. “Whatever!”, Guy decides not to be a doormat anymore. “Screw destiny. Screw societal norms. They say we’re always in the wrong place at the wrong time – so what? Nothing will happen unless we make it happen!”
Starring Wongravee Nateetorn, Plearnpichaya Komalarajun, Pachara Chirathivat
Director Thitipong Kerdtongtawee