Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet, Liszt, Years of Pilgrimage - Nikolai Lugansky - Verbier Festival
Nikolai Lugansky gives a challenging and inspired performance. Balancing between modesty and passion, the prince of piano travels from the impressionist and enigmatic sonata of Janáček to the implacable energy of his compatriot Sergei Prokofiev. Under Luganksy's fingertips, the Montaingus and the Capulets fight a never ending war in the Romeo and Juliette suite. Far from Prokoviev's imposing coldness, Liszt's works celebrate the sweltering beauty of nature, either in its terrestrial spirituality or in its metaphysical heights. With Lugansky's transparent interpretation, the Jeux d'eau and the Sonnets de Petrarque cause a sensation. Programme: Leoš Janáček Piano Sonata in E-flat Major, "1.X.1905" - Sergei Prokofiev Ten Pieces for Piano from Romeo and Juliet, Op. 75 - Franz Liszt Years of Pilgrimage, Third year, S. 163 The Fountains of the Villa d'Este - Franz Liszt Years of Pilgrimage, Second year: Italy, S. 161 Sonetto No. 123 del Petrarca
主演 Nikolai Lugansky