From the director of "WHERE DO WE GO NOW?" and 'CARAMEL" comes one of the breakout titles of the year nominated for "BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM" at the 2019 Academy® Awards, Golden Globe® Awards and BAFTAs. In "CAPERNAUM", we meet Zain (Zain al Rafeea) as he sets about suing his parents for bringing him into this world. We then flashback, discovering the experiences that have brought him to such extreme measures. Forced to flee his negligent parents, he cares for a refugee child while brushing with crime, this is a story of tenderness in the most painful circumstances. By working with non-professional actors and shaping episodes from their own lives, Labaki wrings a unique authenticity from this harrowing story. This twenty-first century Bicycle Thieves is a universal story of endurance that still manages to find hope in the darkest of situations.
Starring Nadine Labaki, 贊恩·阿·勒費亞, Riman Al Rafeea
Director Nadine Labaki