Joy for Christmas
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Holly Silver loses her job right before Christmas and moves in with her sister Eve. Eve asks Holly to return to the family business, in hopes that she might be able to save the company’s annual Christmas Giveaway. Losing the Giveaway will mean losing more clients and Eve is afraid the company might go under. After recently running into him, Holly calls up professional athlete Jack Kane to be the face of the Giveaway and drum up publicity. Unfortunately, Jack has never been a fan of making public appearances, and is not especially festive around the holidays. In order to change his mind, Holly volunteers to be Jack’s personal elf to help him rediscover his Christmas spirit, and in exchange, Jack will help her save the Giveaway. Will Holly save the Giveaway and find happily ever after with Jack?
Starring Cindy Busby, Sam Page, Erin Boyes
Director Pat Williams