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To gain notoriety and universal support for its megalomaniac leader (Tilda Swinton), the Mirando Corporation, a mammoth business with a checkered past, announces the arrival of the company's 26 superpigs in OKJA. Calling them "Mother Nature's Gifts" and the answer to the world's dwindling food supply, the adorable little pigs will be sent out to 26 countries to live with 26 families, and after 10 years of nurturing, the superest pig of all will return to NYC and be crowned. The 10 years pass. One of the enormous grown-up pigs, Okja, is living an idyllic life on a mountaintop in Korea with young Mija (An Seu Hyun, who breaks your heart) and her grandfather. The idyll doesn't last very long. Okja's progress has been charted, and the female superpig has been chosen to make the journey to New York City. When a small army of escorts, including TV celebrity Johnny (Jake Gyllenhaal), host of Dr. Johnny's Animal Magic, arrives at their home, Mija is tricked and Okja is taken away from her. The steadfast girl gives chase -- all the way to Seoul, South Korea's capitol, where Okja's appearance and Mia's efforts to rescue her create chaos. Only a bizarre band of animal rights activists, led by Jay (Paul Dano), appear to help her. Unfortunately, Mija is too trusting once again, and, once again tricked, she finds herself in dire straits. It's one narrow escape after another; until she's reunited with her precious Okja, Mija must face their greatest enemy: the Mirando Corporation and its harsh CEO. In New York City, the cruel intentions of the company are revealed and Mija must risk all once again to save her beloved friend.
Starring Seo-Hyeon Ahn, Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal
Director Bong Joon-ho