Alejandro 'Ale' Villacano is a young associate lawyer who has landed a job at the prestigious law firm, Keefe Briar. As a former convict and an acquitted felon, he is an unlikely pick for the firm. Intent on forgetting his past and forging a new identity, Ale dedicates himself to being the top associate at the firm. Thus, he is reluctant to help an old friend in trouble. Only at the prodding of his mentor does Ale take the pro bono case. For him, it's filing a few grievances against a local prison and then back to his new life. But for his client, it’s a matter of life and death. No matter how much Ale tries to resist, the pull to do the right thing, to fight the good fight is too strong. Ensnared in a case of corruption, power and abuse, Ale must decide what kind of lawyer he is really meant to be.
Starring Kate Flanagan, Rusty Schwimmer, Chris Bylsma
Director Chris Lawing