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'THE QUEST: Nepal' is like combining Werner Herzog with Anthony Bourdain and a bit of Bear Grylls on an epic Quest to deeper understand and climb the most iconic mountain in the world, Everest, while unveiling the amazing culture, history and nature of Nepal. Become enthralled by one of the most surreal cities on earth, Kathmandu, before exploring the sacred valley of the amazing Sherpa people during a 9 day trek to the base of Mt. Everest perched at 17,500 feet above sea level. Experience what life is like to climb and survive for 43 more grueling days at 17,500 feet and above as we continue the epic quest upward to try to reach the daunting 29,032 foot summit of planet earth. 'THE QUEST: Nepal' is truly a one-of-a-kind cinematic journey like no other, and one which embodies the incredible human spirit of adventure that lives inside us all!
Starring Alex Harz, Kumar Rupakheti, Hanuman Baba
Director Alex Harz