The Tinder Swindler
Available on Netflix
THE TINDER SWINDLER begins with the story of London-based Norwegian woman Cecilie Fjellhoy, who meets the man of her dreams on Tinder. Apparently the son and heir of a global diamond business, "Simon Leviev" swoops her off in his private jet on a 5-star vacation on their very first date. She falls in love and the two plan to move in together, until one day he calls to tell her his life is in danger and he needs her to send him money. Thus begins Fjellhoy's descent into massive debt on his behalf. When his promises to pay her back keep falling through, she gets suspicious. Swede Pernilla Sjoholm tells a similar story of a whirlwind friendship that involved a summer of expensive partying on the Mediterranean and eventual requests for more and more cash. When Ayleen Charlotte figures out her boyfriend's real identity, Israeli Shimon Hayut, she vows revenge. Will the women be able to make their stories public and stop Simon from conning more women, potentially putting him behind bars?
Starring Kristoffer Kumar, Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjöholm
Director Felicity Morris