The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station
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Over twenty years ago rival nations put aside political and cultural differences and came together in a demonstration of international co-operation to create something unique -- The International Space Station. THE WONDERFUL draws together personal stories from men and women from around the world who have been a part of this extraordinary endeavour providing a fascinating insight into human nature and our relationship with planet Earth. Drawing on breath-taking archive and interviews shot with astronauts, cosmonauts, family members and colleagues, the film revels in the remarkable achievement of technology, international collaboration, scientific endeavour and human bravery that the ISS has encapsulated during its time in space, and provides an insight into the beauty and majesty of witnessing earth from above. Caught under a giant magnifying glass, teams of scientists from different nations all work together towards a common scientific goal in extraordinary conditions. Cocooned in their revolving laboratory they are isolated from the world -- family and friends -- and can merely watch from a distance as life on Earth continues beneath them, and without them.
Starring Scott Kelly, Cady Coleman, 佩姬‧惠特森
Director Clare Lewins