Bubble Guppies: On the Job!
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It's all work and all play with the Bubble Guppies in these six underwater adventures! Join the Guppies as they go on field trips to learn about different things they can be when they grow up. Master all kinds of ball games as Team Guppies prepare for their big game of Fishketball! Learn about construction as you help the Guppies build Bubble Puppy the best doghouse ever! Dive into a day at a restaurant when the Bubble Guppies try to please their most difficult customer, Mr. Grumpfish! Visit a hospital and find out how doctors make everyone feel better, and discover dentists and healthy smiles when Deema gets a loose tooth too! Plus, team up with Firefighter Gil when he comes to the rescue of his town on the back of a water-breathing dragon! Imagining what you might want to be when you grow up has never been so fin-tastic!
Starring Brianna Gentilella, Jelani Imani, Tino Insana
Director Robert Scull, Claus Dzalakowski