Imagining Zootopia
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The worlds conjured by Disney Animation Studios are stunning and immersive. Disney animation is so seamless, that as their movies unfold on screen, the audience watches with little doubt that these worlds could be real. Behind these worlds are gifted magicians of narrative and animation: a dedicated community of storytellers, designers, animators, and cinematographers that scaffold, construct, and render the stories of our childhood. Yet we never meet these talented individuals who work inspire us to believe. Imagining Zootopia is a rare privilege to meet the community of people that bring our favorite characters to life. As we follow the core story team through their years long creative we’ll witness how Disney’s films are developed, polished, and then preserved in our memories. And as we follow the core story team of Zootopia, we’ll get a raw look at the challenges they face in balancing the fun animal world with a very real human concept.
Starring Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush