Louis Johnson (George Sample III) is a "cool" nerd. Self-styled in vintage glasses, army print cargo shorts, and high top sneakers, Louis recognizes opportunity even amid the challenges in his St. Louis community and has a vision for his life. He works at a car dealership washing cars, but he prefers to say that he spends his days “detailing”. He has recently made a commitment to his girlfriend, Nikki (Landra Taylor), and his daughter Aisha (Samiyah Womack), by putting his paychecks towards a home for the three to share. Today, Louis is determined to be the father who gets his daughter the perfect birthday gift. He just needs enough cash for a doll and a ride from his new friend from work, Andrew (Brian Kowalski). Louis' plans are thwarted once his childhood friend, Jack (Zurich Buckner), meets Andrew, a stranger, on Louis' doorstep. Jack, a neighborhood regular who adopts Louis' house as his own, is surprised by Andrew, a corn-fed white guy who Jack has never seen in the neighborhood. Armed with territorial bravado, Jack questions Andrew's rights and reasons for sharing Louis' doorstep, creating a tension between them that is solidified when Jack realizes that Louis and Andrew have made plans without him. Indignantly refusing to give up his childhood friendship with Louis, Jack forces his way into Andrew's Jeep and into their lives for the day. As Louis tries to collect enough money to buy his daughter the doll she wants, Jack tries to figure out why he's been left out of Louis' friendship with Andrew. Meanwhile, Andrew navigates the streets of St. Louis and the twists and turns of Jacks' interrogation. Jack needles Andrew and his friendship with Louis with techniques ranging from absurd to startling. Ultimately, Jack attempts to prove his bond with Louis by revealing a dark secret from Louis' past and his careless actions force Louis into a confrontation with his future.
Starring George Sample III, Zurich Buckner, Brian Kowalski
Director Michael Larnell