Luis de Alba

Luis de Alba

Luis Alba Garcia (born in Veracruz) is a Mexican comedian, famous for his character El Pirrurris (the presumptuous son of a millionaire). He also made other characters such as "El Raton Crispin" (Crispin The Mouse) in which he dressed as a big fat rat from Veracruz. His typical line was, Te odio con odio Jarocho, which means "I hate you with Jarocho (meaning from Veracruz) hatred". El Indio Maclovio and Juan Penas were also two very famous characters he acted out on several shows. His most famous TV program was El Mundo De Luis de Alba, (The World Of Luis de Alba), where El Pirrurris and other characters regularly appeared. After this program was canceled he spent many years away from television but retransmissions of the show were popular. In 2004 he came back portraying the Pirrurris once again in one of Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo's adult-oriented comedy shows, set in a primary school where the students are played by adult actors. In 2005 he got a new show where he plays the Pirrurris as well as his other characters. He is currently appearing in a show called "Los Chuperamigos" in Estrella TV with other actors such as "La Chupitos".