Ninni Bruschetta

Ninni Bruschetta

Ninni Bruschetta was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Bruschetta kickstarted his acting career in various films such as the comedy "La Gentilezza del Tocco" (1988) with Maurizio Puglisi, "Il Giudice Ragazzino" (1994) and "Libera" (1994). He also appeared in the comedic drama "Metropolitan Fairy Tales" (1997) with Gigio Alberti, "Prima del Tramonto" (1999) and "The Hundred Steps" (2000). He continued to act in productions like the Toni Servillo dramatic comedy "L' Uomo in Piu" (2001), "Perduto amor" (2003) and "E Io Ti Seguo" (2004). He also appeared in "La Vita Che Vorrei" (2004) with Luigi Lo Cascio, the crime picture "The Vanity Serum" (2004) with Margherita Buy and the foreign "Agente Matrimoniale" (2007) with Corrado Fortuna. Recently, he tackled roles in "The Man of Glass" (2007), the Riccardo Scamarcio comedy adaptation "My Brother is an Only Child" (2008) and the Francesco Pannofino foreign "Boris - Il Film" (2011). He also appeared in the Josafat Vagni comedy "Come Non Detto" (2012), the comedy "To Rome With Love" (2012) with Woody Allen and "La trattativa" (2014). Most recently, Bruschetta acted in the foreign "La mafia uccide solo d'estate" (2015) with Cristiana Capotondi.