Frieda - Coming Home
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A young American couple, Mark and Olivia, are expecting their first child. Before that, they want to make their dream of a trip to Europe come true. They book private accommodations through an Internet portal and embark on their 4-week journey. On their arrival in Germany, Elisabeth picks them up at the airport. She is the daughter of the landlady of Mark's and Olivia's first accommodation: a tiny house located at a beautiful lake, in the hometown of Olivia's great-grandparents. They learn that the 82-year-old landlady is dying in the hospital. Elisabeth drives Mark and Olivia to the house and the two young people spend their first night in Germany. A night in which Mark gets to know the owner in a special way. The next morning, it is strangely quiet over the house by the lake. And no one will know so quickly what happened a few hours ago.
Starring Elisabeth Kanettis, Timo Willman, Maike Jüttendonk
Director Michael W. Driesch