Hold Me
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Hold Me is the story of a woman whose job it is to hold and console people who are being voluntarily euthanized. After accompanying a friend’s father through his final hours, Hannah finds herself conflicted and uncertain. She can barely bring herself to do her job any longer and soon, her own mother is hospitalized. Desperate for money to pay for the medical bills, Hannah agrees to the unthinkable—to meet someone before she holds them—to get to know someone before she has to watch them die. As her life spirals out of control, Hannah tries to keep herself together for the sake of those around her. But her judgment falters and her mother’s health suddenly worsens. She can’t escape the path she’s chosen or the memories of all those she’s ushered to death’s door. With no other direction to turn, Hannah faces her pain and allows herself to grieve.
Starring Hannah Fierman, Laura Kenny, Liana Shannon
Director Teace Snyder