The Trail
Long ago in China, corpses are supposed to be able to follow orders given by a leader and 'jump' to their respective burial places. However, some drug dealers use this method to smuggle opium. Things are going well until the local aristocrat, Miu Tin, murders a singer's husband as he fails in the local villagers attempting to rape her. He asks the corpse leader to take the body away. Then, another man is killed mysteriously. When the villagers try to go after the case, they find a strange corpse sucking in a huge snake in an old tower. Many people are killed as they try to get out them. Those who manage to live run to locate Miu. He is afraid that he will be caught and is , therefore, ready to kill anyone to save his life.
Starring Ricky Hui, Kent Cheng, Tanny Tien Ni
Director Ronnie Yu