Timeless Journey of Taiwan: Suhua & Taroko
This film will show you how the amazing cliff along the coast was formed in the movements of land rising of 4 million years ago; let you observe and learn the Suao Cold Spring, the spring of magic power, which has been found only in Taiwan and Italy; show you a gold Matsu statue of 200 kg to widen your knowledge; enjoy the dolphins and whales dancing on the sea way; the huge project of North-link Railway which crosses over mountain after mountain and the original inhabitant’s, Atayal Tribe, “War Dance” which presents the spirit of “Atayal warrior”; and let you see the graduation ceremony held at Aohua Waterfall by the Aohua Elementary Schhol. Every visitor is impressed by the majesty and freshness of the Taroko and Cross-Island Highway. The eons of erosion, transportation and sediment driven by the Liwu River have formed an amazing gorge. The high mountain, deep valley, steep cliff, strange stones, and others like rivers and waterfalls, create fantastic landscapes.
Starring Charlie Chu
Director Charlie Chu, Elvis Lu