Sasha Lane

Sasha Lane

Born in Dallas, Texas, Sasha Lane was on Spring Break in Panama City, Florida during her freshman year of college at Texas State University when she was spotted on the beach by director Andrea Arnold, who cast her as the lead in her film "American Honey" (2016). The film, also starring Shia LaBoef and Riley Keough, follows a diverse group of young people, on their own until they form their own family unit while travelling across the Midwest, selling magazine subscriptions door to door. The film earned Arnold her third Jury Prize from the Cannes Film Festival (essentially the third best film of the festival). In 2016, it was announced that she would star in "Shoplifters of the World," a film about a group of teens one night shortly after the demise of the band The Smiths, when a radio station is taken over at gunpoint and forced to play music by the band. The film was set to be the fiction film debut of music documentarian Stephen Kijak.



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