The Price of a Broken Heart
Dot (Park Overall, "Empty Nest" NBC TV Series, Biloxi Blues) and Joe had a 19-year marriage. They had three sons. She was an incredibly attentive, devoted mom and he was a diligently hardworking father. A pretty picture-though not devoid of the usual ups and downs any long relationship suffers. They had an amazing house. Joe's career was booming. And his assistant Lynne (Laure Innes, Deep Impact, "ER" NBC TV Series) was sitting by watching his perfect life wishing she was a part of it. Then she began to make her moves. She wanted what Dot has. And to some degree she got it. Workdays filled with sexual tension turned into nights filled with unbridled passion for Joe and Lynne. The affair began and lasted for over three years. They say the wife is always the last to know…and Dot was. When Joe finally broke the news to her, she was devastated, hurt and angry. But, was not about to take this lying down. A small town is captivated as this dramatic family crisis unfolds. Dot is suing Lynne for "alienation of affection." For violating the sanctity of her marriage. She needs to prove that Lynne had malicious intent to destroy the relationship. Only then will some of Dot's pain, of her perfect life shattered, be subdued.
Starring Park Overall, Laura Innes, Timothy Carhart
Director Paul Shapiro