My Young Auntie
With his fight choreography, Liu Chia-liang was a central figure in Hong Kong martial arts film, first establishing a new-style of Mandarin kung-fu hero film in the 1960's. Then as a successful director, his films usually had a strong traditional sense and emphasis on martial virtue and the importance of family. This is no more evident than in the kung-fu comedy My Young Auntie, the film that rocketed actress Hui Ying-hung to the top. Hui plays a young heiress to an esteemed kung-fu family embroiled in internal strife. Her gutsy and dauntless performance opposite Liu's starring role as her calm to psychotic elderly nephew-by-marriage, earned Hui the Best Actress Award at the 1981 HK Film Awards. The film's final 20 minutes is ultra-guaranteed to blow your mind away.
Starring Hsiao Hou, Kara Wai, Chia-Hui Liu
Director Chia-Liang Liu