Soar to new heights in this spellbinding and captivating movie starring Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage. To escape an irrational world, Birdy (Modine), an ex-Vietnam veteran, sits in an almost catatonic state in an Army Hospital where he has come to believe he is one of the feathered creatures of his boyhood dreams. In an effort to break Birdy's silence his psychiatrist brings in Al Columbato (Cage), Birdy's loyal best friend of his youth. A battle-scarred veteran himself, Al desperately tries to reach the disturbed Birdy and bring him back to reality. The answer may lie in their youth where the eccentric Birdy first donned wings and the happy-go-lucky Al helped him to fly. BIRDY is a movie about friendship. Part comedy. Part drama. Part and parcel unlike anything you've seen before. And all of it in a soaring experience.
Starring Matthew Modine, Nicolas Cage, Sandy Baron
Director Alan Parker