Nirbaak is a hyperlink narrative comprising of four love stories connected by a single woman. Every love story comprises of one entity which is silent and every one of them ends on a tragic note as well. The first one is that of a man who is in love with himself, and the separation happens when he loses his memory in an accident. The second one is that of a tree who falls in love with a woman, neighbour to the first story's protagonist, who regularly sits on a bench under the tree. The tree and the woman are separated when she moves to another city with her boyfriend. The third one is that of a bitch who is insanely in love with her master, the woman's boyfriend. Tragedy strikes as both die in a car crash, and the bitch is adopted by a new owner. The fourth story is that of a morgue attendant who falls in love with the woman's corpse, and saves her from the clutches of a necrophiliac goon, and dies in the process.
Starring Anjan Dutt, Jishu Sengupta, Ritwick Chakraborty
Director Srijit Mukherji