The Year After Dayton - Part 2
When the peace treaty of Dayton was signed in 1996, fightings in Bosnia and Hercegovina finally ceased and the country became less attractive for the crowd of war correspondents and eventually faded from public news coverage. At this point Nikolaus Geyrhalter starts to shoot his one-year-observation of the first year of peace in a country divided by nationalities: Always on eye-level with his protagonists, he pays attention more to people´s daily struggle, than to their actual ethnic origin. Very soon it becomes clear that the wounds oft war will not heal easily. „Geyrhalters tenderly respectful approach to the trauma is simply touching.“ Claus Phillip „The Year After Dayton“ premiered 1999 on the Venice Film Festival and was awarded with numerous international prices. The present version was scanned from the original negative and digitally restored.
Starring Adil Draganovic, Rajko Mrkajic, Ermina Avdic
Director Nikolaus Geyrhalter