Puffins: Shorts Collection 2
Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the lovable characters from Puffins. The Shorts Collection 2 includes 4 amazing episodes: Snowboard, Hide and Sneak, Fear of the dark, The conspiracy. Snowboard: The Puffins enjoy slowly descending a snowy slope when Johnny Puff arrives and performs some spectacular snowboarding moves. Will our Puffins be able to repeat Johnny Puff's amazing moves? Hide and sneak: The Puffins play hide and seek in the Tundra. When it's Didi's turn to count, Otto's evil Puffins sneak up on Tic, Tac and Pie. Will Didi be able to foil their plan and save her friends?Fear of the dark: Otto manages to capture Tac, Pie and Didi. Will Tic be able to enter the walrus's lair and save his friends?The conspiracy: Tic, Didi, and Pie receive a package they desperately try to hide. Will Tac be able to find out what's in the mysterious package?
Reparto Didi, Johnny Depp, Pie
Dirección Giuseppe Squillaci, Franco Bianco