Lajos Kovács

Lajos Kovacs was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Kovacs began his acting career with roles in such films as the dramatic period piece "A Masik Ember" (1987) with Csaba Jakab, the action film "A Hecc" (1989) with Gabor Reviczky and "Hanussen" (1989) with Klaus Maria Brandauer. He also appeared in "Vadon" (1989) and the Andrea Kiss drama "Szedules" (1990). He kept working in film throughout the nineties, starring in "Cellovolde" (1991), "Erozio" (1992) with Robert Alfoldi and "Erzekek Iskolaja" (1996). He also appeared in the Eniko Eszenyi dramedy "Let's Love One Another. ." (1996) and the thriller "Missing Leading Man" (1997) with Claudio Bleont. In his more recent career, he tackled roles in "The Witman Boys" (1997) with Alpar Fogarasi, "Woyzeck" (1997) and the Ralph Fiennes dramatic period piece "Sunshine" (2000). He also appeared in "Bizarr Romanc: Tanyasi Dekameron" (2001) and the action flick "Kontroll" (2005) with Sandor Csanyi. Kovacs most recently acted in the Peter Haumann comedic drama "Adventurers" (2008).