Choppertown: From The Vault
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Join Kutty Noteboom, Rico Fodrey, James Intveld, Cole Foster, Jason Jessee and the rest of the Sinners for another timeless trip to Choppertown. Choppertown: From The Vault is the essential companion to the award-winning documentary Choppertown: the Sinners. Built with the great unseen footage from the original shoot with even more riding, wrenching, and brotherhood set to a highway-pounding soundtrack. If you already liked Choppertown: the Sinners you gotta check out this movie. Two hours of UNSEEN FOOTAGE & OUTTAKES from the original Choppertown shoot. YES, this movie is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT footage than Choppertown: the Sinners. "After receiving accolades for their motorcycle documentary Choppertown: The Sinners, co-directors Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman took their unused footage from the film and created a follow-up, Choppertown: From the Vault. Fortunately for them and us, there was plenty of good material left over, so this film is not just a bunch of deleted scenes, but a fine companion to the original."