The Swedish Theory of Love
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In February of 1972 a group of Swedish politicians gathered together to define a new idea for the future. Motivated by a strong need to challenge traditional social structures, they outline a new goal. Their vision was to create "a society of autonomous individuals". A manifesto was written in which it was concluded that no "citizen should be dependent on another." Cut to present day, forty years later. Scandinavia is the loneliest region in the world. Sweden statistically has the highest number of people dying alone and tops the chart for single households with 47% of people living alone. Norway is a close second with 42% and Denmark third with 41%. "The Swedish Theory of Love" aims to uncover the cracks of Scandinavian perfection and look deeper into the dysfunctional side of modern life. From critically acclaimed director Erik Gandini comes this entertaining and thought provoking eye-opener about the pros and cons of the Swedish model.
Starring Zygmunt Bauman, Erik Erichsen, Lars Trägårdh
Director Erik Gandini