George "Buck" Flower

George "Buck" Flower was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. "Buck" Flower started his acting career landing roles in such films as the drama "Gemini Affair -- A Diary" (1973) with Marta Kristen, "Flash and the Firecat" (1975) and the dramatic adventure "The Adventures of the Wilderness Family" (1975) with Robert Logan. He also appeared in the Gary Lockwood drama "Bad Georgia Road" (1976), "Across the Great Divide" (1976) and "Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family - Part 2" (1978) with Robert Logan. He kept working in film throughout the eighties, starring in "Code Name: Zebra" (1987) with Mike Lane, the crime feature "W.A.R. Women Against Rape" (1987) with Jack Carter and the thrilling mystery "Angel Heart" (1987) with Mickey Rourke. He also appeared in the Charles Napier thriller "The Night Stalker" (1987). More recently, he continued to act in the Robert Elarton horror feature "Speak of the Devil" (1991), "Puppet Master II: Shadow Zone" (1991) with John Alan Nelson and "Mirror Images" (1992) with Delia Sheppard. Most recently, "Buck" Flower wrote "Wooly Boys" (2004).