Love Alice or Not
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Li Si, aka Alice (Ivelyn Lee) is a 28-year-old graduate student who is obsessed with the story of “Alice in Wonderland,” but keeps her love for it a secret, as she worries it may be embarrassing. She is a lifelong singleton, and has never even had a boyfriend. But one by one her friends are getting married, and asking her to be their maid of honor. A friend warns her that if she is a bridesmaid three times, she will never marry herself. Then, one night, she has a dream where she is handed a magic magnifying glass that has the power to reveal key truths about the men she meets – a particularly handy tool, as she fears starting a relationship with a man who pretends to be nice, but then turns out to be a sleazeball. She also learns that she must find true love within the space of a year. When she wakes, she decides to do just that, and embarks on a mission to find a worthy suitor. But she soon discovers that her eligible male friends and the men she meets at university are not unlike the characters from “Alice in Wonderland.” The elusive White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Dodo, and the Dormouse – all shape up to be possible candidates...but which, if any, of them will win this modern-day Alice’s heart? “Love Alice or Not” is a 2020 Taiwanese drama series that was directed by Hong Cai Cen and Xiong Hong Bin.