Perfect Crime
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Working as a design planner for a housing manufacturing company, Kaori Maejima (Reina Triendl) seems to be the sort of person who lives a very normal, comfortable life. Having been with the company for years, Kaori has all the appearances of a well-settled individual. But underneath that innocent exterior, Kaori harbors an unexpected secret. Having fallen in love with her boss, Takuma Fuyuki (Hidekazu Mashima), years ago, Kaori knew that as a married man, he would never take notice of her; but in reality, she couldn’t have been more wrong. For years now, the two have been involved in a secret affair. Despite knowing she has no future with Takuma, Kaori can’t seem to let him go. But the arrival of Haruto Shinonome (Dori Sakurada), an interior designer fresh from New York, changes everything.  Assigned to work on a design project together, Kaori’s life becomes infinitely more complicated with Haruto around. Finding herself forced to face several harsh realities, could Haruto be the catalyst that changes Kaori’s fate forever? Based on the manga series of the same name by Ririo and Aya Tsukisima, “Perfect Crime” is a 2019 Japanese romantic drama directed by Takeshi Furusawa, Yusuke Taki, and Osamu Minorikawa.
Starring Reina Triendl