Precise Shot
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Yi You (Wen Yi Fan) is a young air pistol shooting ace. His father Shao Gang (Han Long Xuan) has high hopes for Yi You and desperately wants to help him win a place on the provincial shooting team. There is one big snag, however: Yi You’s nerves always get the better of him whenever it is time to perform at a high level. This means that winning a place on the team appears to be a near impossibility for Yi You. So Shao Gang hatches a secret plan: He offers the best and most cool-headed sharpshooter in the province – a young man named Yi Liang (Xia Zhi Yuan) – money if he will help. Shao Gang’s plan is to have Yi Liang pretend to be Yi You’s long-lost half-brother. This rouse will allow Yi Liang to live under the same roof as Yi You – and teach him how to keep his cool in a shooting contest. But as the two begin to live together and spend more time in each other’s company, a strong bond forms between them. Will this help or hinder them in their shared bid to win Yi You a place on the team? “Precise Shot” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Yong Qin.