Babou is the ultimate free spirit, an unemployed single mother living in the North of France, she has lived all over the world, though she still dreams of going to Brazil. When her by-the-book daughter Esmeralda announces that she is getting married, and that she is too ashamed of her own mother to invite her to the wedding, Babou decides to make some changes. She takes a dubious job selling time-share apartments during the off-season at the Belgian seaside, and surprises everyone by becoming the model employee. But Babou soon finds her bohemian ideology compromised by her success. Can she remain true to herself while at the same time winning back the love and respect of her daughter? Tinged with Samba-flavoured music, this bittersweet comedy features a truly memorable performance from Isabelle Huppert, teamed on screen for the first time with her real-life daughter, Lolita Chammah.
Starring Isabelle Huppert, Aure Atika, Lolita Chammah
Director Marc Fitoussi