Social Media Murder Society
Doug is an overly social media dependent husband and estranged from his emotionally distant wife Tara. The couple seek solutions, through therapy, to their disintegrating marriage. Tara immerses herself in her work as a dancer and model, which makes Doug jealous and suspicious. He turns to the internet for advice on how to end a marriage, finding an online poll suggesting "Do Nothing", "Separate", "Divorce" or "Kill her". Intrigued, Doug starts having online meetings with the leader of the Social Media Murder Society and finds himself locked into a deadly game where his life and identity are captured by this faceless group, even as he starts to find a new understanding between himself and Tara. The attempts on her life get out of his control, but is he the real victim?
Starring Jason Wilder, Sana Saeed, Warwick Young
Director Dr. Abhishek Shukla