The Space Between
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The Space Between is an emotional tale of love and loss set in the evocative region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in North East Italy. The story revolves around Marco (Flavio Parenti), a 35 year-old ex-chef who has given up on his career and any sense of hope in order to return to Udine in Northern Italy to nurse his ailing father. Even when offered a job at a leading Italian restaurant in Melbourne, he declines using his father as the excuse. When tragedy strikes, the only glimmer of joy arrives in the form of Olivia (Maeve Dermody), a spirited Australian chasing her dream of working in design while on a family mission in Udine. Against the vineyard peppered countryside, jagged mountainscape and electric blue Adriatic sea, these two very different people find themselves at a crossroads that will change their lives forever
Starring Flavio Parenti, Maeve Dermody, Elettra Dallimore Mallaby
Director Ruth Borgobello