Thunderstruck 11
From death-defying chute climbs to extra-technical tree riding, Thunderstruck 11 takes you on an all new journey into a world where freedom and adrenaline take over and madness ensues! Chest-deep blower powder, insane climbing and an amazing foray into crazy tree-antics, this film will introduce you to a whole new level of specialized riding from what we can do all the way to what not to do on a snowmobile. Watch all the usual suspects take their sleds into the craziest spots on the mountain, all the while maintaining balance and finesse until, boom! Crashes happen! Starring Randy Swenson, Julio Eiguren, Linden Ladouceur, Trennis Baer, Tina Thomas, Riley Jensen, Mark Mesenbrink and many more! A Jim Phelan Film.
Starring Randy Swenson, Trennis Baer, Julio Eiguren
Director Jim Phelan