Nicholas Aaron

Following a distinguished line of eminent thespians, Wales-born actor Nicholas Aaron attended London's prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and, from the famed drama school's hallowed stages, marched quickly into a pivotal role on HBO's highly acclaimed 2001 World War II miniseries, "Band of Brothers." Portraying real-life United States Army paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division's "Easy" Company, Aaron and his "Brothers" castmates soldiered through intense combat training and brutally authentic battle scenes to recreate the troopers' war-time experiences. Such grueling dedication to craft likely served Aaron well for his arguably more physically demanding role in another gut-wrenching true story: "Touching the Void," Kevin Macdonald's 2003 docudrama about English climbers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, whose trek to the 21,000-ft. summit of Peru's Siula Grande met with disaster during their descent. Aaron (as Yates) and co-star Brendan Mackey (as Simpson) did much of their own climbing in the film, which was stunningly photographed on the same treacherous Andean peak scaled by the intrepid climbers (both of whom appear in the movie to recount horrific details of their ordeal). Aaron since turned up in the indie action flick "Fast Track: No Limits," as well as in a variety of guest-starring roles on U.K. television series like "The Bill" and "lonelygirl15." He also could frequently be found onstage, whether starring as Hamlet in Royal Lyceum's touring production or performing as lead vocalist with his alt-rock band, Go Go Maggie.