Deep underground in backyards everywhere there are tiny villages of fairies who have lived in peace for thousands of years... Until one day someone came along that changed their little lives forever. When mechanic Joe Beck offends the Pixie King, he is struck with a curse that sees him tormented by a group of mischievous, prank playing fairies... But when their tricks go too far, Joe loses his job and the chance to be with the love of his life, now the fairies must band together to right their wrongs and things will get FAIRY crazy! With a voice cast including Academy Award winning Christopher Plummer (Up), Bill Paxton (Thunderbirds) and Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) - Pixies is fantastical, cheeky, playful fun for the whole family!
Starring Sean Patrick O'Reilly, Carlos PenaVega, Alexa PenaVega
Director Sean Patrick O'Reilly