Vincent Desagnat

Vincent Desagnat

Vincent Desagnat was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. At the start of Desagnat's acting career were roles in comedies such as the Santa Auzina film "Le Carton" (2004), "The 11 Commandments" (2004) with Vincent Desagnat and "L' Ecole Pour Tous" (2006) with Arié Elmaleh. His film career continued throughout the early 2000s and the 2010s in productions like the foreign "Les Aristos" (2006) with Charlotte De Turckheim, the Daniel Auteuil comedy adaptation "15 Ans Et Demi" (2008) and the Sam Karmann foreign "La Nuit Medicis" (2008). He also appeared in "Cyprien" (2009) and "Babysitting" (2014). Most recently, Desagnat acted in the comedy "Babysitting 2, All Gone South" (2015) with Philippe Lacheau.