And I Love You So
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Lara (Bea Alonzo) cannot get over the death of her husband Oliver (Derek Ramsay) who died within only five months after their wedding. They were so much in love, but didn't have enough time to enjoy their marriage that Lara grieves for months. But the payments are due on the lease for the preschool property, a present from Oliver, as well as on the condo unit so Lara has to rent out her unit to help pay for the preschool lease. Chris (Sam Milby), a reticent DJ who lives alone, rents the unit. Thinking he is a widower, Lara sympathizes with Chris because in her drunken grief she didn't hear Chris saying that he caught his wife in bed with her ex-boyfriend. In spite of Lara's desire to hold on to her late husband, Lara falls in love with Chris. But just then Chris' wife returns and Lara feels cheated that she never wants to see Chris again. Will this be the end of their passionate love?
Starring Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsay, Sam Milby
Director Laurenti M. Dyogi