Arctic Friends: Shorts Collection 35
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Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the lovable characters from Arctic Friends. The Shorts Collection 35 includes 4 amazing episodes: Give it back!, The kidnapping of Indiana Goat, Finding idol, Nightmare deliveries Give it back!: Swifty exchanges a figurine that PB is terribly fond of for an action figure. To be forgiven he will have to get back the figurine - but it'll be anything but easy! The kidnapping of Indiana Goat: ager to get his ancient tome back, Otto has Indiana Goat kidnapped. Swifty and PB sneak into the fortress to save their friend. Finding idol: Helped by Swifty, PB and Jade, Indiana Goat tries to get back a mysterious golden idol. None of the four friends notices that the artifact is strangely similar to the figurine at the ABDS... Nightmare deliveries: While trying to court Jade, Swifty hurts a leg. Indiana Goat offers to help him, but his unconventional methods cause a ton of trouble.
Starring Goat Amelia, Goat Eugene, Goat Wilfred
Director Giuseppe Squillaci