Looking for Mister Perfect
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In Looking For Mister Perfect Shu Qi plays a modern yet naïve policegirl Xiao Lingwho is in search of her knight in shining armor. Even though the vibrant girl is full of ambition while she is at work, she on the other hand has totally neglected her love life. She does not have any faith in finding a matching partner because she has a set criteria about her dream lover, which makes it a hopeless task for her closest male companions Ken and Yong Cai to ask for her hand. During one of her new missions she finally stumbles into the man of her fantasies and falls head over heels in love with him. But who would have thought that this would turn into the beginning of Xiao Ling's worst nightmare...
Starring Shu Qi, Andy On, Simon Yam
Director Ringo Lam