Mortuary Blues
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On a remote island off Hong Kong, its rich and happy inhabitants are celebrating an annual ritual by staging an operatic show.The island is not productive but its people are rich. No wonder police chief Yuan Kuei becomes suspicious. He thinks he is sitting on top of a narcotics ring. His two men are ordered to watch closely movement of the opera people.Little does the chief know that actually the islanders are living off the loot their ancestors made by raiding a government gold galleon some centuries ago. They buried much of the treasure and a dormant vampire under a pagoda.Two actresses and a tutor from the troupe get to the pagoda by accident, followed by the three policemen. There is a messy fight with some ghostly being. But when the vampire comes to life, hell falls on the island. Al the inhabitants are killed. Only the six – cops and actresses – survive. But they have to subdue the vampire. With the advice from a dead man, they find the sword and coins that can kill the vampire. In the finale, the vampire and the treasure all perish in a burst of glory.
Starring 元奎, Sandra Kwan Yue Ng, Lowell Lo
Director Jeffrey Lau