Sleeping Dogs
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London, a myriad of human lives intertwined by circumstance yet separated by experience. Eve's story is just one of millions set on the rocky road between happiness and tragedy. A life once seemingly heading towards bliss, now in ruins, but not without hope. It's been a year since her fiancé Tommy became seriously ill following a vicious attack in a London pub. Eve's days consist of nursing the almost vegetative Tommy while struggling to make ends meet. Tommy's outlook is bleak but Eve holds onto the only hope she has left, that a radical new treatment may help him back onto the road to recovery. The problem is money. With most legitimate avenues exhausted, she turns to Tommy's friends. She knows they're less than angelic but is running out of time. What she doesn't know however is that journeying into Tommy's murky past will unravel a chain of deception that will be the ultimate test of her devotion.
Starring Liberty Mills, Jon Campling, Simon Killick
Director Floris Ramaekers