The Water Margin
There are martial arts epics and "brotherhood hero" films but then there is nothing out there that comes even close to The Water Margin. Based on the classic novel and true legend, All Men Are Brothers about how 108 rebels bravely fought against the Sung Dynasty, just about every big Shaw Brothers’ star around at the time, David Chiang, Ti Lung and Chen Kuan-tai to name a few, were called in to do this film to make it one of the most dynamic films in the history of cinema. The film exhausts you with its wild and wooly, yet heroically primitive battle scenes that ultimately end in sharp and visually effective images of death, defeat and heroism. It won Honorable Mention for Dramatic Feature at the 1972 Golden Horse Awards.
Starring David Chiang, Kuan Tai Chen, Wai-Man Chan
Director Cheh Chang, Wu Ma