Hollywood Sex Wars
Hollywood Sex Wars is an unapologetic, comedic satire of the 20-something single life. Max and his two best friends, Glen and Aaron, are desperate for some attention from the opposite sex. But with their sloppy clothes, goofy pickup lines, and utter ignorance of the female species, they seem destined to spend their Saturday nights alone. Thankfully, good fortune begins to smile on the boys after a chance encounter with Hollywood Casanova, Johnny Eyelash (Mario Diaz). With his guidance, they're learning to dress better, talk smoother, and add a lot more women to their "weekly rotation." But their new love 'em and leave 'em attitude is not sitting well with everyone. Partners in crime Big Wendy and Little Wendy have put together an all-girl TOB club built upon beauty, bling, and bringing guys to their knees! They happen to view Johnny's new recruits as a threat and after some unfortunate encounters between the sheets, Hollywood becomes one big booby trap.
Starring Mario Diaz, Eli Jane, Jenae Altschwager
Director Paul Sapiano